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Shul Services

Shul Services


Minyanim at Congregation Ohel Levi Yitzchok Lubavitch are led in Nusach HaAri, yet our shul attracts community members from diverse backgrounds. Participants are welcomed regardless of their ability to follow in the service, or their religious knowledge.  

Shabbos Day: EVERY WEEK

Chassidus    8:45 AM

Shachris   9:30 AM

Young Anash   10:00 AM

Sichos Shiur With Rabbi Sufrim between Mincha and Maariv Shabbos Day


Sunday May 10
Shachris                            7:30 AM
Mincha                               8:00 PM
Maariv                               8:40 PM
Mon. – Fri    
Gemorra                           5:50 AM
Shachris                            6:30 AM
Mincha                              8:00 PM
Maariv                               8:40 PM




To confirm a minyan for a Yahrtzeit and/or to recite Kaddish, call 410-358-4787, or email

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