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Our Shul

Our Shul



Licht Bentching           7:48 PM
Mincha                       7:55 PM
Kabbolas Shabbos      8:25 PM
Shachris                     9:30 AM
Young Anash              10:00 AM
Kiddush Sponsored by the Runyan Family
Halacha Shiur                6:35 PM
Chassidus                     6:50 PM
Mincha                          7:35 PM
Maariv                           8:53 PM


 Rabbi's Message

 In the beginning of this week’s Parsha, in discussing the Laws of the Kohain to maintain ritual purity, we have a seeming redundancy with the words Emor, and then V’omarta, repeated in the same verse. Why are these words, which mean “Say” , and then “you shall say” repeated? The commentaries explain that the repetition is to instruct the adults to also guard their children from impurity. The Hebrew word used is “l’hazhir”— which means “to warn” the adults over the care of their children.

The Rebbe notes that the word “l’hazhir” also comes from the word “zohar”, or enlighten. The meaning of the verse is thus a powerful message to parents and teachers. The way we guard our children from the potential impurities of the society around us is not by strong-arm or threats, but by enlightenment. Whenever we engage our children in an instruction of Torah and Mitzvos, it is imperative that the beauty of it’s observance shines through.
The Rebbe also explains that as we train ourselves to share the inherent richness of our faith and its’ observances with our children,the benefit is not only for our offspring. Parents and teachers as well will begin to cherish the great joy of Torah and Mitzvos with even greater measures themselves. The children , then, will bring enlightenment to the parents !



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