Dear Friends:

It gives us great pleasure to send you our Shul’s High Holiday
information for 5779.

We have established a tiered membership dues schedule as follows:

Full membership remains at $600 annually, payable in installments if
necessary.  Please help the shul's financial situation by setting up
automatic payments from a credit card or bank account. Please email [email protected] to make confidential arrangements.   

Dues for couples married less than three years are $300.

Dues for singles under 30 are $200.
Members are entitled to two High Holiday seats.

Please make sure that your dues from last year are current, or kindly
contact any member of the board for payment arrangements (see below).  All
contacts regarding a past balance will be kept strictly confidential.

For a membership form click here.

Additional seats are $25 for members, $100 for non members.

For reservations and seat placements, please call the Shul office at
410-358-4787 and leave a message or email [email protected], or call
Mordechai Hackerman at 443-929-1396. You can also reserve your seats online by clicking here.

The cost of sponsoring a kiddush will remain at $400, or $225 for each
co-sponsor. For kiddush reservations or to rent the Shul for a simcha, please
contact Yonasan Somerville at [email protected].

With blessings for a K’siva V’chasima Tovah, and a year in which we celebrate our complete redemption, 


The Board of Directors

Dovid Eagle, President

Levi Brody, Vice President

Mitch Belzer, Avi Emunah, Yonasan Somerville.